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This is one of my favorite bikes currently on the market! It's truly the 4 bikes in one that Ducati advertises. Great urban warrior, awesome back road sportbike shamer, load it up and soak up the miles as a touring bike and, YES, it's totally fun on a gravel, dirt road!

I sold this one, brand new, to a good buddy of mine so I know the history very well. Feel free to hit me up with specifics.
The side bags are included (sorry, they didn't make it to the photo shoot).
Installed is a Givi rack (Givi top box NOT included).
A taller windscreen with extra spoiler thing does a great job of wind displacement while keeping it quiet.
The sergeant driver seat is lowered (we do have the stock seats) and comfy!
The cables were lengthened for an aftermarket handlebar with more pull-back (the stock bar was re-installed).
It's been maintained at the regular intervals by us.
The miles, 8950, are almost exclusively road trip/highway miles (the best kind, don't ya know!)
Still has some time left on the Ducati Factory Warranty. Zero gamble used bike!
There's a little scratch on the left side tank panel. If you come in I will show you exactly how that got there ;)


2014 MV AGUSTA RIVALE 800 Used!

Holy Schmoley! We got a used Rivale up for grabs! I certainly do NOT expect to see another one come in anytime soon. Especially in this condition.
It's only a couple months "old" so it still has plenty of the factory 2 year/unlimited mile warranty.
Break in service already complete!
Grab it quick!
*photos of the actual bike will be coming soon......which one of you pilfered my camera?!?!*

1200 MILES