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2007 DUCATI GT 1000

Prospective Sport Classic buyers, back in '07-'10, upon realizing how massively uncomfortable the things are, settled on the retro classic GT instead.
Especially now that you can't even get your hands on a decent SC for less than $15,000, folks are grabbing the much more attainable and ergonomically correct GT. A "modern classic" with the epic Ducati 2-valve, air cooled, 1000cc's of fun motor.

This beautiful version has the Ducati leather bags and, dig this, Ohlins front forks! Ohlins, baby!!!

Services are all up to spec and the thing only has 4330 frickin' miles.



This thing is absolutely fantastic!! The Griso has opened a lot of peoples eyes to what a Moto Guzzi can do on the twisties. Great handling with gobs of torque!

We do have a new Griso ready for sale!.

There's some nice incentives from Guzzi as well..


2014 MV AGUSTA RIVALE 800 Used!

Holy Schmoley! We got a used Rivale up for grabs! I certainly do NOT expect to see another one come in anytime soon. Especially in this condition.
It's only a couple months "old" so it still has plenty of the factory 2 year/unlimited mile warranty.
Break in service already complete!
Grab it quick!
*photos of the actual bike will be coming soon......which one of you pilfered my camera?!?!*

1200 MILES